Transform your IT

NXGN is a Next-Generation IT Integrator and Solutions Provider, focusing in on Advanced Technologies. 

We integrate IT products and services with insightful consultation in order to provide a customer driven transformation.  Our solutions implement tomorrow’s solutions to solve today’s most pressing IT problems.



NXGN Introduced

YOUR Trusted Advisor


Our Client Advisory Board provides NXGN continuous feedback about the real issues and new trends


Having been in Operations & Engineering roles, NXGN uniquely understands and guides its clients 


NXGN is an independent advisory with roots that reach Silicon Valley’s  latest technology innovators


Our Engineers are focused on advanced technologies and their vetted place in the Enterprise

Client Needs Addressed

business speed

Business is moving faster than ever, IT not keep up

Its becoming a software driven world

Can’t show business true costs

cloud Solutions

Complicated and half-baked when initially deployed

Cost prohibitive once migrations begin

Want a hybrid approach, but how?


Too often throwing hardware at problems

Too expensive to expand and maintain

Too complex,  manual, unused


Good talent is scarce and expensive

Ops teams are overwhelmed, can’t deal with new tech

No new headcount, do more with less


Companies are breached daily, very costly to fix

Compliance is hard, time consuming, and expensive

Small teams, alert fatigued

IT Costs

Data Centers are ever growing and expensive

Public Cloud costs are out of control, shadow IT

Small teams, alert fatigue

Areas of Focus




Technology Lab

Create Real Use Cases to setup and replicate client issues and environments

Rigorous criteria used to vet each technology

Clients get first hand experience

Accelerate your decisions and expedite the POC process

TRUSTED Advisor is a role we EARN

As a Advanced Technology Solutions Provider we advise, implement, and provide manage services to solve today’s most pressing IT problems.

Reach out and speak to one of our Technology Advisors, we promise to bring our real world experience, coupled with an insightful and collaborative approach.