Security Automation

Security Automation

Legacy security practices are no longer keeping up with the pace of business. Patch tools that have bridged the gap, now require patch tools themselves. At NXGN, we take a deep dive into your operations and uncover areas where automation can free-up staff for more important work. Why? Simply put, we’ve been in your shoes. There’s always more to the story than what meets the eye.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • As infrastructure is moving towards automation and orchestration, traditional security practice is struggling to keep up.
  • Configuration drift – configs for applications can quickly and silently fall out of spec.
  • Need for an agent-less tool to validate/monitor configuration files.
  • Tool bloat!
  • Security threats are diverse and agile and there is a need to keep up efficiently.
  • Enterprise security teams are small and there is lack of available talent.

Here’s what you did:

  • Leveraging existing SIEM and other tools to respond efficiently to incidents and threats. 
  • Audited existing configurations to determine which were not compliant.
  • Agentlessly monitored critical configs across the enterprise.

Results to be proud of”

  • More effiecient use of tools and resources via automation.
  • Security run book automation lead to drastic decrease in incident response time.
  • Gained the ability to track and enforce configuration standards and changes.


Make this your success story! Contact NXGN today and start a conversation about how emerging technologies can benefit your organization.