Public Cloud Security

Public Cloud Security

Moving to a public cloud environment can bring about many sleepless nights. At NXGN, we take a deep dive into your operations to find which yellow brick road leads you forward. Why? Simply put, we’ve been in your shoes. There’s always more to the story than what meets the eye.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Full scale “move to the cloud” edict from CTO.
  • Limited in house knowledge of public cloud security best practices.
  • Current IAM roles were nearly all admin level, due to complexity of implementation in the public cloud.
  • Need for DDoS and WAF protection in a public cloud environment.

Here’s what you did:

  • Performed full scale audit of existing public cloud resources from a security perspective. Primary focus on IAM roles, but numerous other misconfigurations were discovered. 
  • Implemented current security staff to start the remediation of current insecure configurations.
  • Began process of implementing automated remediation for net-new application moving to the public cloud 
  • Deployed DDoS and WAF protections for their public facing public cloud apps. 

Results to be proud of:

  • There was no need to hire a new resource strictly for public cloud security.
  • Applications were implementing best practices in the cloud.
  • IAM was cleaned up and tightened down.
  • WAF and DDoS protection were implemented in the cloud.
  • Overall security posture of public cloud apps was increased dramatically.

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