Network & Infrastructure Security

Network & Infrastructure Security

Today more than ever, network and infrastructure security is a priority concern for companies. At NXGN, we take a deep dive into your operations to identify vulnerabilities everywhere — both internal and external. Why? Simply put, we’ve been in your shoes. There’s always more to the story than what meets the eye.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Large fleet of legacy applications – mostly unmaintained and locked into EOL technologies.
  • Application sprawl – 100’s of apps and microservices being maintained by a small security team can lead to things being missed.
  • Many enterprise networks are flat – and compliance requires that they be segmented.
  • Shift to containers and microservices makes management of firewall rules cumbersome.
  • Very little east/west traffic visibility into the datacenter.
  • Shadow IT – Employees using a number of unsanctioned cloud apps.

Here’s what you did:

  • Locked down Active Directory and other critical applications behind a secure compute platform.
  • Implemented micro-segmentation on the network.
  • Leveraged threat analytics platform to monitor east/west and north/south traffic. 
  • Ran a free cloud application usage analysis to determine which apps were being used daily by employees. 

Results to be proud of:

  • Saw immediate reduction in system level vulnerabilities reported by Nessus for applications and services moved to the secure compute platform.
  • Achieved network segmentation and increased PCI compliance quickly.
  • Gained instant visibility into east/west traffic via “Tap Mode” with a plan to move to active blocking in the future.
  • Before cloud application assessment, it was estimated that 10-20 apps were being used by employees daily – the actual number was 3 times that.
  • Ultimately achieved better visibility and protection.

Make this your success story! Contact NXGN today and start a conversation about how emerging technologies can benefit your organization.